Branding, an essential
element for your business

What is Branding?

Non-exhaustive but necessary definition of branding.

Branding captures all the processes involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. 

Here are a few key words related to branding that you might have heard of:

brand image, brand identity, visual identity, visual communication …

A brief list of what your brand is made of:

Brand strategy, name, logotype, visual identity, slogan, packaging, sound identity, typography, color, pictogram, photography,

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What is the purpose of branding?

A brand without branding is a brand without experience.

The aim of Branding is to give you a considerable advantage towards your competition. Through branding, you tell your customers what they can expect from your products or services, and why you are different from your competitors. It is a powerful commercial tool which is invaluable to your company.

brand, your branding agency.

The reasons are simple.

Let me brand is a french agency specialised in visual communication consultancy and in brand promotion. We work with companies of all sizes within all industries. Our commitment is to ensure your brand will be unique to your target audience and make your identity your strongest asset.

Our strenghts:

. Branding specialists
. Dedicated personalised management
. Long term commitment
A reliable and available team

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A quick overview of what we can offer you:

Brand identity design: artistic direction, events, photography, video content
Print communication: business cards, posters, packaging
. Digital communication: webdesign, e-commerce…
. Brand promotion: social media outreach…

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